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Very powerful - great imagery - and all too true a story - forgiveness is hard. Good stuff.
WOW! Powerful story. I like the way you wove orange into the story-very creative!
What a nasty--yet completely understandable--plank your MC has lodged in her eye. I love complex characters; characters that are miles from perfect, but still draw my sympathies from their raw humanity. Absolutely perfectly paced story, with a superb, non fluff, gritty ending. Truly loved this...
This entry has "winner" stamped all over it. I, too, love complex MCs and this one is a study in complexity. Very good job!
The way your peeled back the layers of your MC is outstanding. I'm glad to know she is real - not a "happily ever after" type ending, and I appreciate that.
Good, interesting and well written story - should do well. Colin
powerful, powerful message on the reality of forgiveness. superb writing.
Oh. My. Goodness.

I almost forgot what the topic was until I saw the word orange pop out at me, and even then it seemed to distract me. I wanted to get back to the gut of the story, not the neccessity of it.

I'll just say congratulations now and save me time on Thursday. : )
I wish I had the story-writing gift revealed here--to make the reader see deep into a character's heart. The violets and the boot were a perfect contrast in this unique story.
Yes, we can forgive...but not forget. Unlike God Who chooses to forget. Even in the most mature thinking and heart can deep feelings long-buried boil to the surface. We all do it to some degree, I think.
This is an interesting story that held my attention while it revealed flaws in human characters.
Wow. This wasn't a story, it was an intimate, raw, under the skin look at a genuine character. It made me angry, sad, suspicious, guilty... Wow.
Lots of emotions! I liked the flashback and the imagery.
I like the complexity of the MC and the great story line. An English teacher with a publicist, flying about the country with daytime appointments, driving a Merdedes seemed a little incompatible, but within the realm of possibility. Great writing.
It sounds like forgiveness needs to be more of a daily occurrence, rather than a one time admission. (in contrast to God's forgiveness) The flashback of your MC, Sienna, was chilling. Your detail in this story is excellent.
Oh, very good, Ms. Jan... I think I kind of expected the ending when I read she was going to discuss her next book with her "ghost writer," but the end still him me.

I don't normally comment after the results are posted (Don't know why... I suppose I should. :)) But I decided I had to read and comment on my "16th place tie" partner. :)