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Very good. I liked the hints of personal struggle that your characters all portrayed. I also liked how you let each one have his own time and ways of coping with them.
So many layers here. I would love to read more. When I read your pieces, I always feel as if I'm reading something pulled from the library stacks. Beautifully done.
loved the characters. all the variations of yellow. as always, great writing
Loved the ending. Such amazing detail and depth in so few words. Great writing.
Read it a couple of times to savor the war going on in each of the four characters. The same war fought on battlefields with heavy casulaties still raging within the hearts of men...and so today.
Many mulattos passed in order to fit into a more accepting world...but at a great cost. Isn't it wonderful that God doesn't judge us by the color of the skin He gave us?
Really, an interesting Old South piece that gives us a lot to think about.
One thing I've enjoyed while reading during the "color quarter" is seeing all the different descriptions and ways the topic is subtly inserted in the entry. Your entry is a feast for the reader. Love that! I also love how the reader is allowed to discover Jeannette's identity in your historical story that takes place during a time of extreme prejudice. This story needs expanded.
I should add, "expanded beyond the 750 words allowed for the challenge." :)
Wow! Speechless...
I want to read the rest of the book!
Superb writing. As others have commented, this should be only a short excerpt from a historical novel. Well done!
I love reading 1800's and early 1900's novels. The old english and characterization in your piece is superb and fabulous!

I enjoyed this piece and the message of love between Beau and Jeannette!
I absolutely loved the way you wove this week's color into your story. It was was refreshing that in all descriptions, you did not have to use the actual word. Brilliant! This is a winner in my book! Laura
Wow..great read. Felt authentic and effortless in how smoothly it read.
Your last sentence made me catch my breath. I was so glad Beau made his choice in spite of his mother. You truly have a gift for drawing in your reader and grabbing the heart.
Sweet ending...for a moment, I was afraid she would awake to find Beau gone.

What a setting and take on the topic. Excellent!
That is excellent story telling! I agree with others, that this needs to be expanded...:)
So subtle, yet so telling. I love it. Unfortunately, this prejudice is still alive and well in Georgia.
Beautiful story, I want to read more. I was also worried the Beau had left or died in his sleep.

Here in California, interracial relationships are more acceptable
These are the notes from the dust jacket of your book, aren't they??? Brilliant portrayal that embraces the suffocation of prejudice without suffocating your (many) readers.
I loved the last line. Well, the whole story, even though I had to read it twice to fully understand it. Can I blame that on 3 grandchildren climbing on and around me? Congratulations on the EC.
Wow ... loved the layers, loved the depth.
Beautiful and almost haunting. But I'm so glad for the last sentence... sigh. This totally makes me want to read up more on the Civil War.
Wow! This piece actually made me shiver. Your characters are so vivid that during my second reading, I felt like I was watching a movie unfold.