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I love these two women. This is a great story of a complaining spirit and then a resolve to change. Wonderful!
This lady's complaints sounded all too familiar, and I love the way the story turned out. Wonderful entry.
This was fun to read, and very realistic. Great job!
Love that last line!
I honestly wasn't intrigued in the beginning, but as I kept reading on, it did not disappoint. Wow. You slayed the dragon at the end!
I really enjoyed your too realistic picture of "them." Great job, and I loved your mc's changed heart.
I am sitting here grinning ear to ear, this sounds just like my church. I've not become one of "them" but I am starting to understand "them" better as I get older and have a few more white hairs of my own. Sometimes we learn by example how not to be. Thanks for the giggle.
This was superb! I've never been in a church where a person thought it was "their" pew! This was an oustanding story. I loved the turn-around attitude of the MC. Great job! Laura
What a great story... something we all have to watch! Your last line made me smile!
This was so true that I actually felt uneasy at the speed in which certain members of my congregation came to mind. Brilliant work in capturing humorous and believable dialogue.
This is one of those stories that could have used another 500 words to detail Elaine's transition, as it felt a little abrupt at the time. That being written, you did a marvelous job of resolving the sudden change with a great dose of warmth and humor. Great work.
Writing from first-hand knowledge, I can see....wink wink! Beautifully done, and I was actually surprised by her change....I wouldn't have expected repentance. Congrats on your are on a roll this quarter! :)
Told you it was good:) lol. Congratulations, Mari!!! You are on a roll for sure.
Congrats, Mari! Love that title!
Congratulations. I chuckled when I first read this as I thought, "I bet Mari knows a lot of "thems." White chocolate coming up!
*smile* This is funny!