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I loved the GEICO gecko & wondered what happened to him. This was quite entertaining. Nicely written.
Thanks for the laugh! Definitely what the dr. ordered.
Very Clever! Do you ever have an imagination. Well done!
Ooh! Very creative. I enjoyed this fun tale!
Poor Martin. Can't help feeling sorry for the little guy and love your tongue-in-cheek little tale.
Tee hee...I give a fig. Those cavemen make me long for the old days of Martin. Super fun entry!
An interesting and enjoyable read. Love lizards, ahem!
Thanks for sharing.
The gecko in the commercials. You either gotta love him or hate him. I've done both, but not this story. Definitely love it. It's clever and put a smile on my face. Love the ending.
Very creative and fun read! Well done!
Excellent work! It takes a true master to get into the mind of a famous Gecko and extrude his motivations and raison d'etre...great job!
Oh, this was fun! Great humor and excellent writing. Loved it.
I found you and I love this story. So funny. Great idea for use of topic and very easy to read. Just good all around.
Oh, how creative! All advertising icons go through cycles of popularity, I suppose... but I think the Gecko will be around for a while! Good job!
That was too funny!