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This is one of my favorite entries so far. The gentle and wise nature of the teacher shines through as she gives a lesson that helps all her students, not just Robert. Great job.
Yes, what DO we see when we look around. All colors necessary to make this beautiful world in which we live. I like this teacher's teaching style. Subtle but effective.
Awww, sweet story.
That was well concieved and nicely written
That was well concieved and nicely written
Sweet with substance. It is so hard to be on the outside looking in.
Good entry.

Love the heart-warming quality of this. Your ending was great!
This is a really sweet story. The ending made me a little teary eyed. Very well done.
I saw clear through to this teacher's heart, and it definitely wasn't black. This beautiful story illustrates so well what a gifted teacher can do to demonstrate God's love in word and actions. A great story!
Sweet story with a great message portrayed in an easy, casual way.
Welcome back, dear Friend, to winning with this wonderful story!!
It's good to see you back, Linda! ...and congrats!!!
I enjoyed reading this moving story. Congratulations!
Linda, I LOVE this! What a beautiful story. Congratulations on your EC! And welcome back (or have I just missed you, while I've been away?)
What a beautiful, touching story and a very wise, thoughtful teacher! Great job of writing!
Linda, you captured all my attention! This was so sweet.
Thank you for the good work. Keep it up.
Third place Editor's Choice