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These words capture how something beautiful can become something ugly instantly: The woods turn sinister and dark. You cross a bridge and the river below becomes a fathomless pit emptying into hell itself.
You captured the parents' layered emotions with your scripted words and phrases. A riveting account of a parent's worst nightmare--I was stunned by the last line.
You had my heart racing with this entry.
Your descriptions are phenomenal, as is the tragedy revealed in your story. This is as "black" as it gets, as heart-gripping. Wonderful writing.
I really liked your words of description and the way the story built. I was confused by the last sentence though. Did the boy kill the person who died? Or did the person who died do something to the boy?
You have such an incredible way with words! :) Your finely-crafted descriptions create such vivid scenes and moods--very rich! The ending was such a shock, too!
Wonderful poetic images...yes, dark and deep,...mesmerizing. Such effective use of contrast in this piece. You've led your reader into one of the darkest areas of human experience. For a writer, that is a tricky, difficult task. You've pulled it off skillfully and left your reader with a shudder that lingers. Way to write!
Oh my, the minute details, phenomenal atmosphere, plus suspense,it's all there. Excellent writing!
Oh wow--the voice of this piece is pitch perfect. Masterful craftsmanship.
You drew me in gently with beautiful prose, then gradually sifted in tension, then fear, then despair, and before I realized it my heart was racing. Then the ending line punched me. Wow, this is good writing.
Amazingly crafted. You built up the tension so well to chilling conclusion. Wonderful layers of meaning here, too. Exceptional!