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Can there ever be anything more wonderful than being lost in the bold, imaginative mind of a child. Maybe its the Captain Jack Sparrow in me, but I wanted to join Chloe Ann as well, get a matching black eye patch, make a few scalawags walk the plank, bury and hunt for lost treasure; and of course continue to blame Murphy for everything that ever goes wrong.
Simply priceless. Loved every hilarious word! :)
Very cute in a piratey sort of way;) Good job!
I really liked this. Reminds me of my kids, except they play the parts of superheroes and I'm the bad guy...Very entertaining read. Nicely done.
So creative, and so funny. Love that little girl. You did a great job putting us in her make-believe world.
The sentence that totally did me in on this one is the last: "sniffed her knees..." That's just so totally pitch-perfect.
This little girl is so much fun! I love her to pieces. :)
I'm thinking I missed out on something: don't remember ever doing the pirate thing... I really enjoyed this one.
I loved the make believe world of "Scurvy Ann." Very creative and fun read.
Such a wonderful character. I hardly wanted you to stop!
Just a thought, but I wondered why you didn't just start with "The yellow sunshiny rays" and skip the rather long explanation about why the girl didn't like oranges.
BTW although we on this side of the pond generally deplore the way our cousins misspell the English language, in this case I much prefer your hiccup to our cumbersome hiccough!
What a wonderful story to illustrate. The voice is perfect, and the whole thing is charming. Wowsers!
Such a fun piece to read...and a story that reminds us about the joys of childhood.
You definitely gave Scurvy Ann personality! I loved your fun use of words, too, such as scallywags, galoot, and gigantuan. Such fun to read!
A cute, fun read that allows the reader to explore the imaginary world of your MC. I can see this easily illustrated as a children's book.
I totally enjoyed all the Scurvy Ann-isms. These made me smile as I interpreted them in my brain, "Lace and grow-grain and Swiss-cheese dot." And I remember the Peter Pan collars, (perfect touch for a pirate girl). Love that! What a character. Where did your muse find her? :)
I want to adopt that child. Can you arrange it?? What a great piece! I hope you place high on this one because it deserves to win. Kudos!
I loved this story! You have captured the wild imagination of a child so beautifully, I felt like getting an eye patch and parrot myself! Thanks for such a great read!
Scurvy Ann's voice is spot on! Exactly like a child. Even in unedited form, you know how to nail a story. Excellent!
LOL! I didn't think there could ever be a kid as weird as I was as a girl--but here she is! I agree with Jan: sniffed her knees is PERFECT. Polish this one up and send it somewhere, kiddo! It's hilarious and voice-perfect.
Congratulations on your EC. Loved it and was happy to see it do so well.
never thought of a young girl playing pirate. so realistic!
Arrggh! Matey...a wonderful story, about an equally wonderfilled little girl. i enjoyed it tremendously. Congratulations on your EC.
Congrats to Scurvvy Ann! No walkin' the plank for this mate!
Lisa, thumbs up to you on your EC placement with this cute story. Another possible book with illustrations maybe?
Creative--fun--with your own magic touch! I love it and love to see your name in lights!
I loved this just as much the second time. Congratulations!!!!
Aw, this was such fun to read. I'm glad Scurvy Ann got her just recognition. Congratulations!
Yarr! This piece be pure pirate's gold!

LOL. Seriously, this was very cute. I loved the pirate theme, and you totally captured the imagination of a young child. I don't recall ever disliking oranges when I was a kid, but I did love pirates. :)