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You can pack more information into 750 words than anyone I know! I love the way you wound the "whole life history" of these two women into the tale of the applesauce....And what an ending! Hilarious! This was such a down-to-earth story, yet so intriguing. It lures the reader to the end. I love the side-stories. I could just picture these two friends, compatible, but disagreeing...Helen
There's so much to love in this "keeper" story.--The details of the old ladies and their friendship make them real and wonderful.(I know two who were just like them!)The underlying humor is perfect in presentation, and the ending is priceless.
This was a "Delicious" (as in apples) story to read. And the line: “Any other time men would be out mowing their lawns but when you need them like today, they’re nowhere to be found.” is as humorous as it is true. Thank-you the chuckle today. : )
Loved true to life. Great dialogue!
Good dialogue, the friendship between the two women was very sincere and came alive to me. I guessed the punch line, but still made for a very pleasant read. I really enjoyed the narrator's POV, rather unique and very real to life (*cough* ADD *cough* lol). Good job!
Well-written and Interesting story. The relationship between the two is just wonderful. Everyone needs at least one special friend in their life like this story depicts. Believable.
A well-written, pictures in my head, kind of story. It had a "Mayberry" flavoring to it!
I love it! The voice, the humor, the characters - wonderful job.
LOL! What a delightfully rambling tale. I loved the word "Piffle" It made me literally laugh as I read this story. Good twist at the end and great backstory on Mother and Mae. Nice job!
This whole thing was yummy to the core! Every bite crunchy, sweet yet tart, and utterly delicious!