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I couldn't quite figure out what was going on until the end. Good job. It was very different, for sure.
Just so all know - I love different entries;) lol. I wanted to clarify that. This is not an entry you can read quickly and 'get it.' You have to pay attention and when you don't - you truly miss out because it has a big twist and is most hilarious.
Clever and well-written.
Quite a thoughtful and somehow intricately crafted ... almost as if a literary puzzle.

Quite intriguing and absorbing.
Some of your descriptions are very good. I have yet to truly surrender to summer.
Ah, this is so cool! Like Jim said, a bit of a literary puzzle. Enthralling and very clever!
What a delightful twist! I think you're going to be surprised how much the judges like this one! If they're looking for something new and different by a master wordsmith, they tuned in to the right channel on this entry. Kudos, you little sweetie, you!!
Summer has the mind of a cat! Nice. As a long standing prisoner, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Some interesting turns of phrase to. "The claws of my clutch" - oddly turned around.
The word donning seemed a little out of place though as I understand it to mean putting on rather than wearing.
A fun story, with a very clever ending! Summer can indeed be very seductive, if we let it. Well done!
Terrific writing, you had me in suspense trying to figure out that off-stage 3rd voice. Very clever and oh so creative indeed. Loved it!
Heehee! Original and clever. yay for summer! Another one claimed, mwahahaha...LOL! Loved the way his thoughts in italics mixed with the reality of his wife's questioning. Very nicely done.
LOL.. you totally got me. I could not figure out who the MC was! Too funny. Congratulations!!
Never would have thought of summer stalking its victim. Really excellent.
I kept wondering and didn't figure out your MC until the end. I love your word paintings! Congratulations!
Congratulations Catrina! Your creativity is a delightful treat! You skillfully stalked your prey and hooked me with this cute story :-) !
To use "summer" as your MC was quite creative and entertaining too. I could feel the sprays of water and the soft sand as I journeyed through this great story.