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Oh - is this fun and clever! Don't we all go through this sometimes? Delightful - and I especially giggled at the "half-empty or half-full" concept.
Way to go "out of the box." I enjoyed this--had some of the same thoughts, but not put together in such a creative style.
You got the out-of-box part for sure and the full and empty. I enjoyed your article.
And how! Very fun and creative take on the subject...I look forward to seeing who wrote this.
I really liked the way this story the box or out, writer's block or free-flowing inspiration, empty or's just a matter of one's own perspective...I liked the way you tied it all together. I'd love to see the story of the mouse and the rose bush develope into a full story.

Being a literal person who struggles even to get to the sides of the box, let alone out of it, I'd have loved to know how Jason made that jump and where he landed, and whether he closed the gate behind him?
I get the sneaky feeling sometimes that the people who have that creative spark really can't understand those of us who don't have it, so thanks for uncovering it on behalf of us all!
The catchy title pulled me in! Great story that just about any of us can relate to. Kudos!
Of course, the title caught my attention! That must have been a big box to hold you, your desk and computer. How high were the sides? No wonder you had a hard time trying to jump out of the box. And as you probably already know (if you've been on the boards at all this past week), I too amy a literal person. I laughed all the way through your story because I totally relate. Thanks for sharing this fun story.
I can definitely relate....very creative and entertaining take on the topic. Well done!
This is such a fun read! I can't wait to see how very high it places! It's a winner for sure!
LOL! I would call it a stuck, moment, I believe. yay for Jason to pray his way through that. Great stuff, I enjoyed the read. Clever and funny.
I totally understand.