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Really good. One small slip in the first paragraph (drat that spell check) but that's minor. This is a great piece that leaves lots to think about. And I loved the "revelation" at the end.
Absolutely beautiful piece! I love the MC's voice and how she ends up finally coming to terms with her 'color" and realizes that she is an heir to the Great I Am. I lvoe the comparisons and the way you show colors and the people's viewpoints. Well done!!Wow!!
Beautifully expressed with compassion and a revealing empathetic quality. The emotions of your MC were real, your supporting characters
became flesh and blood by your words. The closing image will stay with me for a long, long time and the message, of course, is for the ages.
How poignant about the crayon labeled 'flesh.' I think it should be thrown out too. The photgraph, the grandmother's answer to what color God is, and the child's attempt to find peace through cutting her skin to find her true color are my favorites of this story. This is so deeply beautiful.
Fabulous take on this topic. You captured the pain this girl experienced not belonging or fitting in with either the black or the white family. I do like her granny's answer that God is all colors. Super! I hope this one wins. :)
What a beautiful, poignant reminder of the personal self-image struggles in young people, and the longing to fit in. Some, like this girl, have profound loss thrown into the mix which only enhances the desire to belong even more. Very engaging; very well written! Great job.
This was absolutely stunning. God made us in many hues and shades and called us all good! Thank you for sharing this lovely story.
Wow...superbly written and so good on topic. Well done!
Beautiful and powerful. Knowing you don't quite fit the world you are in is troublesome until you find the One who created you. It's only then one can truly appreciate their uniqueness.
This is absolutely stunning. I can't think of anything to say that others haven't, Jan, except that I got chills reading this (twice)! Bless your talented heart.
Jan, this is wonderful, as always. Your descriptions are so rich, and those last couple paragraphs are absolutely excellent. I ALWAYS love reading your work, my friend.
Truly masterful! But then I'm not surprised coming from you!
I have so missed reading your stories, and THIS is why. Such amazing descriptions and deep thoughts. I love the comparison of skin colors, blood colors and piano key colors. What great insight.
I could completely feel the inner torment of this girl...caught between two worlds, not really belonging to either. This was so deep, so rich, so real. Superb in every way.
This is absolutely masterful, and it's hard to think of something to say that hasn't already been said! You did a magnificent job of portraying a young person torn between two worlds--without making the common mistake of demonizing one and canonizing the other. Just splendid!!
Masterfully written in colourful language - huh, I mean black and white!

Thanks for showing us how!

I thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Great take on the topic and I really felt your MC's pain and joy.
Your descriptions were vivid, your words were rich, the message was beautifully clear. Equisite.
An exercise in verbal beauty. Wonderful descriptions, and I felt your MC's agony at trying to "find herself." Excellent!
Lovely, lovely story with such a richness of words and a beautiful message! :)
I can relate to this in more ways than you'd think. lol. Loved the gritty-real"ness" of this piece. The MC is the sort of person your heart aches for, when you've been where they have and understand what is going through their head. ^_^
Wow! Wow! Wow! This is EC material for SURE! Wow! Sorry I already said that, didn't I? You weaved a story of pain and then stiched in hope and understanding at the end. You had me hooked with your descriptions, especially of her aunt. The beginning and the end tie the story together so beautifully, too! Wonderfully writen, Jan!
Wow. Very impressive, Jan. I love the descriptions of the second paragraph--of course, the others are excellent too. Very powerful and deserving of a win (yes, again).
What I enjoyed so much was seeing/feeling the MC grow up. The Title says it all.
Superb in evry way.
Let me be the first to say Congratulations, Jan! I knew this should be in the book. It's excellent! I am going to put it on my favorites!
Jan, Congratulations. This is a great piece. I was excited to see it. You have been critiquing my writings so I have been reading yours You are very talented!!!!
Kathy Gronau
I just KNEW your story was going to garner an EC, and I was right! (I love being right!! :) ) CONGRATULATIONS!!
Superb! Absolutely awesome writing. This is so rich in emotion, meaning, culture, and above all the amazing breadth of God's grace. I've missed your entries these past weeks, but boy have you come back on top form! Thanks for writing this.
Wonderful, as usual, Jan! Thanks, as someone else has said, for showing us how.
This is so timely in our today-world, and gets down to basics.
You truly are a master of words. Loved the characters and the way the MC never got caught up in self pity or anger--but rather searched for God and found peace there. Everything about this story is excellent, and so congratulations are well deserved.
I thought i left a comment on this story the first time i read it. This is a heartbreaking story and i'm happy she finally accepted herself.
It is amazing how making other people feel less than human makes us feel good in return. I am from Nigeria and we are all brown-skinned here but we still segregrate based on ethnic groups. I am married to a man from another ethnic group and this yet surprises some of our relatives and friends, even though they are Christians.
We will do well to remember that the color of blood is red, and that this is something we share in common.
Congratulations on placing with this wonderful story--beutifully poignant. This is mastery of writing.
I really loved this one. It surprised me, every turn of it, and kept me plastered on the page with a smile and relief at the end.. thanks so much for this one.. Jan..