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Hmmm...very frantic pacing and a mild ending. Whew! Busy stuff going on here! I'm sure there are many who can relate to this! And I'm glad she can see the dragon in the milk now. ^_^
So often it is just things like this that cause us to see life from a different angle and the new perspective makes all the difference in not only our world, but the ones we love as well.
This is so good. It sometimes does take a severe circumstance to change our viewpoint. Thank God for all of the times of spilled milk in our lives and for giving us a chance to see the dragons..if we just let Him:0). I really like this piece.:0)
Painful story and powerful illustration. well done!
This story of a lesson in priorities is beautifully told.
Wonder if this is who I think it is. What a fabulous lesson she learned. Love the transformation of her character.
Wonder if this is who I think it is. What a fabulous lesson she learned. Love the transformation of her character.
Many times have I learned an important lesson from brokenness. I see I'm not alone in needing reminders about priorities. Well done.
I was hooked from the excellent title all the way through. "Live in the present" This is a lesson I keep coming back to. You presented it so powerfully and movingly. Good job!
Sometimes it takes a tragedy to wake us up to what is really important. Great lesson, great writing!
The end of this had me smiling and in tears - at the same time.
I enjoyed this well-written story. Kudos.
What a wonderful, heart-warming story! Fab title, too. :)
Hmmm, what can I say except: I really related with this and found it very "right on target" for my life. I need to stop and see the dragon.

Well written, thank you
One thing that struck me about your excellent story was the way that the woman's fierceness was preserved even after her epiphany. But instead of obsessing on trivilaities, she instead gave short shrift to the petty sillinesses that can command our Christian lives. I dare say I'll have plenty of time to put this lesson into practice as my sons are forever spilling stuff!
Such a beautiful story, such a beautiful message! Congratuations on the win!
So glad to see this one place, Kristen! Congratulations, my friend!!!!
Way to go Kristen. There was such a great message in your story (as there usually is) and I'm glad it was so well received. Congratulations on your EC placement!
Was this an autobiographical story? Didn't I see something similar to this in the prayer request section a few months ago? Either way, you did a remarkable job capturing the MC's frustrations and then the wonderful change that came about after the accident. Loved the dragon in the milk! I could see the mother and children playing in the milk. I need to have a few more of those experiences with my grandchildren as well.
Great writing. God is such a merciful teacher as He can take any crisis and use it for good--the mother's transformation will bless her and others forever. So glad this had a happy ending. Loved the image of the dragon in the milk.
Sorry I'm so late in congratulating you on your EC placement this week. Well done!