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Very cute and fun.
An excellent bargain.I recently performed a wedding for a young couple here in Mozambique. And when I said "you may now kiss the bride" it genuinely was the first time the girl had been kissed. Now how often does that happen these days?!
Fun, Cute, and Creative. An enjoyable read. I love story poetry!
Fun! This is like a string of limericks tied together to make a delightful story. You've done it again, dear Verna.
Wonderful! I love the form of the limericks put together. Very fun and creative. Great job!
Smile. Smile. Smile.
How much fun you are, Verna!
Thanks for spreading your goodness and sunshine.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful poetic gift.

ALWAYS a joy and a blessing to read your work. :)

Another great piece from one of my favorite FW poets.
I really enjoyed this fun little romance set to poetry.
Loved the lyrical sense of this limerick, it made me smile : )
I also like how such profound truths can be revealed in so seemingly simple rhymes. Now I will have limericks running in my head all day - which can be good thing!
So clever and fun! Loved this!
I LOVED this. Way too fun and clever. Bravo!
It always amazes me what some people can do with poetry. I enjoyed this so much and it handled the topic well.
This is so fun, loved the title. Great entry...on topic.
Great poem and great fun. I was at wedding where we got to witness the bride's first kiss. They made me BLUSH! Great job!
Perfect. Fun and sweet and fiesty too. With a grrrrreat ending! Awesome poem - I'll have to recite it to my daughter (maybe she can memorize it later!!)
If I could write poetry, then I would write poetry much like this. It's fun, flows smoothly, and has a story to it. This was a super fun read, Verna. Thanks for sharing. :)
Oh, this is so funny and cute and clever! :D I loved it!
Darling poem. Very creative and so much fun! I love your style of writing hon. Lord bless ya good!:0)