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I love this story. I love the garden and want one just like it. And the ending is SUPER, especially that last line.
Ohmagosh! She sounds like me!
One of the naturalists said something about not liking people less, but animals more. (I forget who right now)

The problem is that I've been getting nudged by The Lord lately to connect with people, the way He meant us to be.

It's difficult-I'd rather be in this lady's garden with furry friends. Nice story.
This is a lovely story. Captured the topic perfectly. Beautifully full of sweet pathos. I love Ruthie!What a wonderful character and you described her life and beliefs so vividly! Marvelous work!
The environment you created had a very surreal and magical feel to it. I loved the last line. It took what could have been such a sad entry and truly gave it a happily ever after ending. Bravo!
I love your opening paragraph and your last line--and everything in between, too! :) You painted such a lovely picture of this garden with your descriptive words, and I could just see it all in my mind!
I LOVED it! Especially the starting paragraph and the ending line! lol It was funny, and intruiging; the beginigs where you're like omg I have to finish this! *Please don't mind the spelling errors, they kinda run all over lol* It was a really good story, I loved it!