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Cute piece! I like the humor. I know moms can relate to this all too well. Grin! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has put on two different pairs of slippers. Actually, I've even graced two different pairs of shoes but that's another story. Grin.
Good stuff! This sounds like the voice of experience.
I remember these days and am SO VERY GLAD they are behind me! I love the giraffe stance. So funny:)
"Been there, done that!" Your voice is just perfect in this delightful piece.
Your MC's voice is casual, fun, and just perfect for this piece. Both thumbs up.

I think I know the author. Can't wait to see if I'm right.
This was so much fun (and very clever). I enjoyed all the animal comparisons (elephant, giraffe, and python) :)
You made each scene so easy to see and understand; and yes, I agree, the mis-matched fuzzy slipper are most definitely excusable in this situation.
This is hilarious, and I loved the sound effects. Finding a state quarter was a nice random surprise, too! Very fun entry, loved it.
Lots of fun sensations here, and I grinned all the way through it.
You hit the nail on the head with all the descriptions of pregnancy. Fantastic piece, I can see why it was fun to write :)
You are sooo funny! I love this. This is my heart. I have experienced it 3 times. My most favorite word choice is, 'patooka' ...lovely! Great writing!
Ohhhh I remember those days...
This was fun to read, remembering and laughing at the references to the giraffe and such. Simply hilarious.
This was a blast to read, and so very truthful. Loved it from title to finish!
Love the title, and the fun piece. This is my favorite part--"only a week past the day I should be thin and beautiful again." Boy is she in for a surprise. :)
Excellent descriptive writing and great humor! It certainly does bring back memories! Well done.
It looks like I'm the only guy responding so far, but we have had four kids, so I've seen this in my wife. I laughed out loud at your reference to the giraffe! Good Job!!!
Loved the waddle walking title. Forgot the challenge of up and down when overdue. Great voice!
Your title caught my eye, and I enjoyed the entire story! I loved your giraffe, Barbie, and Cupie doll comparisons! Nice descriptive piece with a cute ending! :)
Excellent job capturing the final days of a pregnancy. I loved the fuzzy slippers and the running commentary from the MC. At least she will be "up" one family member and "down" 25 pounds. Fun read.
Ahh yes, been there, done that! I could very easily see it, and remember when I was going thru it. Even though it was 40 years ago, it's not something you EVER forget. Well done!
Love the mismatched slippers at the end! Great story of a late pregnant mom and the realities of those hormones. Great job.
Wayyyy witty. Creative, clever. Just love it!