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Oh yuk! There must be easier ways to impress boys. Well done—I hesitate to say that I could "see" the scene, however …
LOL...this was great. What an easy read...and fun, too. Could have come right out of a chick lit novel. Well done!
Good job on your descriptions and on the swelling of the ocean. I almost got sea-sick from reading. Very entertaining entry.
So Trevor noticed her! Your characterizations and descriptions are very well done.
Well, if they eventually get married, they'll sure have a great story for the children...
I liked the story, but was a little confused at the end. Did Trevor suffer from sea-sickness too? If she was the one who was sick first, why was he apologizing for her shoes?
Great fun story...
Tee hee...I do believe they noticed each other! A very entertaining read.
Fun writing. Quite entertaining. Well Done!
This must be really good, descriptive writing, because it made me nauseous reading it. Your word choices really draw the reader into the story and onto the boat.
Wow, this was certainly very... um... colorful! Great job with the topic, and very descriptive. It makes me want to avoid boat rides, though...:)
I can imagine this scene only too well and it makes my stomach begin to hurl as well. Good job in describing it!
Very hunourous read. I could almost sense the chaos of a youth event and the rolling of the seas. What a way to get noticed!
good thing I wasn't sick already!
There was some heavy-duty stories this week that I've read. I enjoyed the light-heartedness of your story. It was a refreshing change.
Who woulda thought cookie tossing would me chuckle? This was a fun read.