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Every time we have tremors here, or there is some kind of natural disaster, or storm, I think about the creation groaning in anticipation of the redemption of all things—the culmination of the Kingdom-building.

Yes, it will get better. Praise the Lord!

Lovely descriptions.
Really powerful. Sometimes it is easy to lose heart. This is a great reminder. . .Thanks.
You have a beautiful message of hope here that lightens my heart. Your descriptions put me right there in the garden with you.
What a wonderful day that will be when all is set right and the Garden blooms the way it was meant to be at last!
Awesome! Superb POV, and I didn't see it coming. Love it!
Oh wow, the ending was quite a surprise. Excellent writing, as always. :)
Beautiful descriptions drew me into the scene. And, a surprise ending. We readers love that. Quite a surprising POV. Nicely done.
Wonderfully written with a surprise ending. Nice work!
This was incredible...I loved the symbolism of the poppies and the rain. Just perfect. Beautiful...
Ditto the excellent choice of POV, it takes courage but you pulled it off very, very well. Loved the bravery, commitment and HOPE the MC had in this piece.
WOW! A prize winner in my book!
Where would we be without that Blessed Hope? Yes, things can get tough, but we know the One who controls it all. Loved this entry.
My wife is a master gardener, so I was expecting a comparison of garden things with kingdom things. You took it to a whole higher level with the surprise POV. Great entry.
You had me fooled as to who your MC was. I read through a 2nd time after knowing and saw even more I liked - running His tongue over His front teeth for example. I wonder if it felt strange for Him to have teeth? Really good job, and of course spot-on topic. :)
This is just beautiful! What a wonderful portrayal of God's desire for creation...and His future plan!
I enjoyed reading this piece. The simple imagery you used was very effective. I can often let circumstances or my limited desires obscure the clarity God offers. Thanks!
I was expecting the POV to be post-fall Adam, but you nicely pulled me farther down in history. As to how it could be expanded, you could easily take the theme further with looking at trees along the road, birds in the sky, etc., all before revealing the identity of the narrator.

Very effective perspective, and nice imagery.
A beautiful way to illustrate the suffering one must endure in order to ultimately reach the kingdom where suffering is no more. I loved this piece! So glad I am able to get caught up on some of your writings that I missed, Joanne.
Beautifully written. Well done!
Praise God for all this encouragement this morning. Your writing talent is a God Send..So wonderful!