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Wow... this was incredibly creative! Is this based on a real fable? Haunting...
First of all, I am a sucker for good titles; I am in awe of the parallelism of the title. Perfect. I was touched by the relationship of the two was a tender story with an appropriate dash of humor. Loved it.
This really held my interest. Very well-written. Very creative fable.
Wonderful characterization, and excellent use of dialect and Yiddish to set the scene and characters. Fascinating piece.
What a typical mother-son relationship these two have...and I'm left thinking about the research and creativity of this author. It is truly off the charts---as you think out of the box like this, you pass it on to the rest of us. Thanks.
Brilliant! Loved everything about this. The little bits of Yiddish just completed the wonderful picture you have woven.
I loved every word of this. Based on entries, Europe seems to have an abundance of legendary creatures! But the love interest really made this one rise to the top. Great writing.
Very Interesting!
I love legends and folklore. I never heard of this one.
I love your "accent" and Jewish words tossed in for flavor.
I'm glad you don't leave your talent going to waste! You provide so much pleasure with your creativity. This fascinating story is a delight.
Fascinating perspective, but it was your attention to details that made this entry extraordinary: spots of mud on the floor and her continual need to sweep indicating his continual watch over her; a hot, earthy smell like baking bricks; the MC gently steering the golem to a sturdy chair...wonderful! I could smell chicken soup mingled in as well, because of those pieces of carrot and chicken. Well done!
"No-goodniks?" Ha! I loved this story - especially with the explanation at the beginning. Awesome writing, indeed!
Cute. I like the 'fantasy' kind of element you gave to it and I wished it was longer so that I could've seen how their possible relationship might have played out. Fun!
What a great story, every word of it, and what a great beginning it would be for a novel about the Jews of Prague! Exceptional writing!
So many wonderful entries this week, and this is among the best of them! I loved this fantasy tale, and my only complaint is that I wanted to keep reading more. This is definitely a piece worth expanding on. Awesome job with this!
really loved this awesome story.
Sooo creative--as always. I love the golem--you gave him a great personality. My favorite part is when he went to sit on the fancy chair...I pictured his poor, dejected face. Great job.
I'm a bit confused about what a golem is (and how a rabbi could make one), but I really think that's just me... everyone else seemed to get it (blushing). The Jewish phrases were so authentic and the tiny details just put the reader right there in the kitchen with them. Kinda sorry that I don't quite get the fantasy element...
I think this is a great story. It's really well written and researched. And I love the genre. It's just that it leaves me feeling a bit sad. Medieval Judaism abandoned the literal meaning of the Scriptures and embraced a myriad of competing interpretations, including the numerology and black magic of the kaballists. Essentially the legend of the golem comes from this source - the Jews had rejected the power of the Messiah and thus had to look elsewhere for salvation from their enemies. Thank God that modern day Judaism seems to have moved away from such diabolical lunacy.