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I think this has great potential for a children's book. Nicely done.
This is a charming children's story. I'd love to see it illustrated.
Ooh, this just begs for pictures, doesn't it? Charming!
This is an adorable children's story... cute, educational and gives a lesson, too! I love it!
This is adorable! I could see the illustrations as I read it. Love it!
What a wonderful way to meet all the critters down under. Super sweet!
An adorable children's story. It has everything - it's entertaining, teaches interesting information on the animals and lands of Australia, and includes good life lesson.
I love all your "colorful" animals on this adventure and all the diverse places they live. Have you read this to your kids. I bet they love it. Your title makes me smile. :)
Adorable! My favorite part was when your wallaroo encountered the rainbow lorikeet. I have an acquaintance who owns two of these gorgeous birds. {It's a small world in the parrot community. :0) }
You did a great job with this sweet children's story. Kudos.
Very creative children's story! Nicely done. :)
What can I say that hasn't been said. This is good, needs illustrations, great children's story.
Yep, ditto to above comments. I have to read this one to my kids!
Imaginative, and informative and just the kind of story kids will sit in a circle and listen to after lunch! So, when's it being submitted for publication? Hmm?
How delightful, all you need is a good illustrator and vibrant colors and you'd have a wonderful children's book!
What an adorable story! And I can appreciate the research that went into it. Excellent!
Wow, this is incredibly creative and worthy of publication. I'm putting it on my list to read to my kids. Love it!
Wonderful, colorful, fun and a great, informative read. Indeed, this should be published and illustrated. PS, I love Wanda's name, perfect!
adorable! I loved it! cute!
The name of the main character is perfect and the story is well written and polished. Definitely a good candidate for a children's book like so many have already said.
What an endearing story. My five year old daughter loved it, too. This is so polished--ready to be a children's book. Thank you for sharing this sweet tale.