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I am a sci-fi fan so I enjoyed this fun little piece. I hope Gus enjoyed his sight-seeing!
VERY clever and out-of-the-box. I love this "outsider" perspective on our time and place.
I LOVED this! I've often thought of little green men when I hear the term "alien", but I never would have thought to write this clever, clever piece of satire. Top notch!
Different. I'm not sure why the alien didn't have accurate information before making such a voyage, or how he was able to blend in with three legs. A great piece though for Sci-fi fans.
Very unique article here. It was such a fun read at the beginning - making your point all the more clearly sad in the end.

Someone should have told that alien how difficult the American dream can be to attain - but not impossible.

Still, for the effect/message I think you were going for here. . . good job. :)
Very creative - I enjoyed the twist to the word "alien"... :-)
I can't believe this entry didn't get a placing. I loved the unique approach to the topic. Great creativity, and I was hooked to the end.