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Great and powerful story. Well told. Love it! The message is loud and clear.
Loved the story and the lesson not only for her but for all of us! a reminder of just how blessed we all have been for a long time.. thanks.
The ending is the best part of this story. I'm not sure how old Echo is - sometimes she seems older than others, but that's probably because she's so spoiled, which makes her act more immature than her age. You pegged the temper-tantrum of a spoiled brat. (Not MY child of course, but I've seen it. ;) )
Very good characterization of the little girl, and a story we ALL need to remember and take to heart!
Goodness! Glad that little girl learned a valuable lesson early on in life. Those kinds of lessons are the ones that tend to stick!
What a great lesson. Love the title too. :)
Very powerful story. Loved the way it turned out. Well done.
Do you think it would work! Loved the story and the change of heart and perspective of the little girl.
The message found in this simple story is profound and so, so true. Something that is too easy to forget and we are lucky to find writings like this that remind us of it from time to time.
Well told, excellent dialogue and conclusion.
This story reminds me of a time when I took some of my toys to some needy kids. I was only about 5 or 6 at the time, but it has had a lasting impact on me even to this day.

So glad that this little girl learned a valuable lesson. You are on a roll with these Christmas topics aren't you? :)