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It's Still Unwrapped! Exactly. How sad. I love the stage directions, the no distinguishable voices and the form of the writing. this was a a wonderful way of stressing the real meaning of Christmas and the emotion God must feel.
Extremely powerful! I would be interested in using a modified version of this in an actual skit. I too felt like I was part of the audience watching the comedic actions of the stage hands, viewing the backlit presents, and hearing the laughter, groans and sounds. Very well-written!
Very unique and creative approach to the topic...I felt like I was actually in the audience watching everything unfold, so to speak. Great ending - great message.
Way out of the box - and yet still in it :) ...!!
Just incredible. Totally out of the box, and incredibly creative, and WHAT a message. Masterfully masterful. Wow.
Wonderful symbolism with the package with gold paper and deep red bow. I'd love to see this acted out. Very creative!
I wanna ticket to this awesome play. Great message. Two thumbs up.
Oooo, loved that last line. What a disturbing (but accurate) portrayal of our society. Loved it.
I would love to do this as a drama for one of our Christmas Services sometime. What an imagination. Thank you!
Wow. This is amazing!
This is really a deep message. I would have liked to actually have been there, though I felt like I was. Excellent writing.
The best gift of all and the whole reason for the holiday... right on and OUCH and bravo for a well written creative thought-provoking piece. Hit me in the heart!
Wow. (speachless). . .
I really enjoyed this entry!
Totally creative and incredible! Great story and wonderful play! (OK, I want to know if we can sign up to have your "computer chip" put in our brains!) How do you think of all these things? THANKS!
Fantastic - yet again (here's me not surprised). The suspense was wonderful and I loved the descriptions of the stagehand's actions. Nice and most definitely a winner.
Indeed, center stage and we miss the greatest gift of all! Wonderful presentation/production of this message. Loren
Wow. Thank you. Very creative, well written - you've touched my heart today.
WOW! It's all I can say. What a message!
Awesome writing and message. Thanks for allowing your creativity to be used for His glory.
Would love to see this actually acted out on a live stage. Wow. This is an accurate portrayal of Christmas today. We so often forget the cross, but that doesn't change the fact that the gift still remains there. Thank you for sharing this much needed message.
I felt the suspense throughout. If only we would remember the cross, not only on christmas day but always.
What a message.
Had to add this to my favorites. The ending causes me to just sit and wonder how the audience might be touched by this drama.
Very imaginative although the gift was chld, the cross was what he did at calvary. I know I can be a bit tecnical but it is what it is. Fortunately I get your drift. Also fortunately he was not for the world per se, but those who would be believe, so there are millions who have received the gift and rejoice daily because of it.