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I like the alternating scenes in your story. It is well-writen and flows well. I would like to know who the man was that she delivered the card to, and how she knew about him when her parents didn't.
Oh, how LOVELY. Great job with atmosphere especially.

Could be me, but Gracie's language seemed a touch mature/advanced for her age.

This one pulled at my heartstrings. Excellent use of italics to separate the two "scenes."
Very well told, though I struggled with parents blindly following the instructions of a six-year-old. She didn't greet the man by name so we have to assume she was supernaturally led. Perhaps without the word limit we could have our answers. You kept my interest through-out.
I think the problems mentioned by those who commented previously tell me that this story needs to be longer. It's fascinating and so full of suspense. Seven hundred and fifty words just isn't enough for all the questions we are left with. Hope you get a chance to do a longer version. Good job.
I liked how the parents trusted their little girl's angelic heart. Perhaps she had done things like this before. I don't think I would have waited in the car if I were her parents, though. A sweet, heart lifting story. Great job!
An earth-bound angel for sure. I love this story, even the way the parents allowed their 6 year old to direct their path to the home of a stranger (which I would NEVER do). I love the mysteriousness of the unwritten. Wonderful story.
A wonderful job of weaving the two concurrent events together to create the impending mood. I really like the message it sends in that God does direct the steps, sometimes not our own, but of others to help us at the most perilous times. Such stories, and beliefs gives us all pause to hope. And, maybe too, to think, we also might be such messengers to others.