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You pegged me way too easily...that description alone of Sharon should win you placement.
This really touched my heart. What a powerful message and a reminder to not avoid the Sharons in our lives.
Your description of Sharon reminded me of so many people
who may not look exactly like her, but who are just as misplaced in this world of "perfection". And just like the MC we want to avoid
them becuase we feel so uncomfortable. I. too, was touched by Sharon and her single christmas card.I could feel so much emotion reading the words that showed us the picture of that card taped in her house for all those years. Great writing and a creative story.
Convicted! Superb writing, engaging story and timely message.
So poignant, and such an incredible wakeup call to those of us afraid of those "untouchables." Excellent characterization and descriptions.
This story begins with a perfect title and never lets the reader down. Well done!
Can't we all identify with this? Well done.
Oh my goodness, this story stands to accuse ME! Wow. This has got to be a favorite of mine ever. REally hit me in all the right places, because I think my mom may have been that person to some. AND, I can think of someone I know who reminds me almost exactly of Sharon as well. Wow.
There isn't really anything more I can add. This was very convicting. An excellent job.
Oh wow... the Sharon in my life is actually a Sharon... thanks for this. Conviction has set in.. the takeaway from this story probably won't ever GO away! AND that's a good thing... ! :)
Very real and a struggle we have all had. I am sure Sharon is thanking God for you and the Lord giving you an open door.
Yowsa, this was good. The descriptions were.... vivid to say the least. Love the line "my breath catches somewhere between my heart and my throat"... did I say vivid? The tense work well too - makes the whole story more real to the reader.
Great descriptions of Sharon and of the guilty turmoil of the MC. A message we would all do well as Christians to heed. Wonderful!
This is so touching. I really felt sympathy for Sharon.

One thing I didn't understand...why did your MC remove the card at the end?
Maybe I'm just dense.

Anyway, it is an expertly written story, and very enjoyable. Buncha stars from me.
Oh wow. I love this! Awesome story. I love your description of this woman, too. Excellent writing.
Beautiful piece. Expertly written. :)
Oh man, this is awesome, Jan. Such right and true descriptions. Wow.
I can so relate to your MC; I've had similar thought and whispered similar selfish prayers. She appears to actually be the only Jesus Sharon has met, just like the MC had heard. A very convicting story.
It was a prayer, Sharon's prayer answered by God. Even though I don't know her, I wanted to reach out and help, too. This was simply beautiful and shows how God can convict us in the most amazing ways.
Brilliant descriptions. I could just picture Sharon. The verse on the card said it all - We're called to act as examples of Jesus whilst dwelling among people such as these.
Jan, this poignantly convicting story is too good not to be published.
Really great story. I'm sure we've all had some 'Sharons' in our lives. It's interesting that it's sometimes those people who bring us closer to God. Thanks for this awesome entry.
Jan, thank you. Your story is superb and did bring conviction. I agree, this needs to be published.
Ouch! That one hurts! Of course, that's cause it hits me right where I need to be poked....Excellent story. Definitely a winner. :)
This relates so much to my work with Adults with learning disabilities; but as I seek to be Christ for them, I am often knocked back by finding they reveal Christ to me. "inasmuch as you did/ did not do it for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did/ did not do it to me" Matthew 25v31 onwards- this Sunday's lectionary reading.
A compelling, evocative story that make so many of wince a little. Wonderful writing.
I have yet to read a story you have written without wishing I had your skills and heart. I had grown weary of trying, but I think I'll get back up on that horse one more time. Thank you for a wonderful blessing of a story. Great job.