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Loved the creativity here, and I'm assuming all of those scientific words make sense to those who know. They sure impressed lil' old me - LOL. Very, very nice writing all around.
Wow! I LOVED this! Wow!
Very clever. Makes me wish I knew a little more about astronomy.
Highly original. Thanks for raising a chuckle. I liked the way that the Maker's brilliance outshone the other luminaries
Very imaginative. What really struck me was that the God who relegates supergiants to candles was still empowering the dimmest, least important star for his purpose. It seems to reflect on the rest of the christmas message as well.
Wow! I love this, all the mention of the star names, classifications, constellations I especially like that Sol was to "warm the face of my Son as He walks the earth" Then your message of The Creator choosing Parvus and then equipping him for his task, is superb!
Incredibly creative and lighthearted and wonderful. I TRULY hope this one does very well.
I like how God chose the unlikely to shine it's message of Christ's birth. Isn't it just like him? :-) Great job!
Very creative! I love astronomy, so it made sense to me. :)
This is excellent. I LOVE that Parvus was chosen. Beautifully done.