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Ohh - what a great twist. Love how you dropped the hints here and there (didn't catch them when I read the first time LOL). Nice.
I couldn't figure out why she was so tired? What's so hard about singing? :) I thought it was great - nice twist to the story. Excellent writing!
This was very good, I was getting nervous about her being so tired, sooo glad it was for a good reason. Good job, I liked the MC's voice, and the hubby's reactions.
I had no clue that ending was coming. Loved this well written story.
I thought you were maybe going to say something about cancer treatment making her so tired. I am glad it wasn't that!

Aw, this is just adorable, and to find out it's true makes it even sweeter.
You had me worried too, loved the surprise explanation and ending. Well done.
Surprise! A gift from above, yay!
I loved how husband supported wife in the telling of this.
What a sweet story. Now she really has something to countdown to. Good job.
Oh wow! Two countdowns going on here! Very good. Awesome creativity!
Hee, hee...that countdown of choir practices is VERY familiar! By the time the program is there, you're too tired to sing! I love your ending!
I was wondering at the beginning why your mc was so tired, but you brought an end to my wondering beautifully. I kind of fell in love with the husband in the story for his thoughtful ways. That was a great idea for "counting down."
Loved the countdown shift. A pleasant surprise to the reader. Good job.
This was great. Loved the surprise at the end.
What a cute story. I kind of thought she was pregnant, with how tired she was, so I wasn't surprised. The story is well written and had an easy flow. Nicely done.
Clever story for the topic, and the build of anticipation is great. Love it.
i'm glad she had a good reason for being tired. I was beginning to wonder.
Nice story. However I was concerned about her fatigue. I'm glad it was for a good reason.