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Oh my goodness, this had me first smiling the way you delivered this piece, then hooting with laughter. I love your style-this is so good! I could feel for both of the moms but especially the M.C.'s whose inquisitive and chocolate craving child still knew better than to open any of the other advent doors,ha!! Way too funny!!!
Very funny - I especially loved the ending!
LOVE the ending - had no idea where it was going as I read! Fun!
A funny story. I liked the mystery at the beginning.
Oh well done! I was hooked from the very opening sentences, and loved the ending too!
LOL Way to twist the story and still cover the theme. Hilarious! :)
What a masterfully woven story of humor, mystery, and the topic!
Incredible! I love the twist in your story. Amazingly written.
This was totally enjoyable. I was wondering how it was on topic, and then BANG, It totally was. Great job!
What a hoot! It grabbed me and pulled me in - fresh descriptions and CHOCOLATE! Great piece.