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Aww, very sweet. Lots of good memories here.
This would make a great skit. The dialogue sizzles.... Love all the emotions you have evoked. Thanks...
I love "memory lane". I'm so glad you wrote this.
You did a great job with cahracterization. The differences between the sisters is clear.

I could see their surroundings, too. They were in their parlor. (It's large with a staircase and flowered wallpaper, BTW.) ;0)

This is a very sweet story. Kudos.
I agree that this would make a great stage production.

I enjoyed all of the memories that the two sisters shared. This was a sweet story. Thank you for sharing it.
Perfect in so many ways; especially the memories that carol can invoke. You write with such needle-point accuracy that the scenes literally weave themselves together in front of the reader's eyes.
I love Christmas memories and the sisters are a delight. After the Christmas program at our church, everyone receives a bag of goodies as described in the story. Great vivid memories.
Very well done - I wanted to keep reading! You did an excellent job drawing the reader into the story. Great work. :)
10/15/08 this and the way you wove all those tidbits of memories in.
This really made me feel as if I were sitting in a chair in their comfy room listening in. Well done!
This was like watching a wonderful stage play. The scenes are vivid in the readers mind with lots of detail. Even down to the doily. wonderful writing.
Just lovely. I could definitely see this as a play - ala "Our Town." Delightful characters and a lovely message.
What a charming, lovely entry. I love your descriptions, characterizations...all of it! You put me right there with the sisters.
Verna-- I love the descriptions and contrast of Matilda, "gently rounded...who saw sunshine peeking out from behind every cloud"and Gertrude, " tall, angularwith her sharp tongue and prickly nature." This is such a heart-warming story!
This story sparkles with creativity and brought joy to my heart. I could see everything and, I agree, this would make a lovely skit.
Verna, I just love your descriptions. The sisters came alive for me and I could almost hear them speaking. Great characterization.