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Oh, this is goooooood! Certainly a concern for us parents who want our children to believe and know what they believe. I have had moments like this with my own children and it is an unsettling feeling. Great dialogue and I love how you showed such a good flow of communication between mom and daughter. Love it! God bless you in your writing. Janice
Wonderful story! You took us right into the terrifyingly curious "Squishy" of a teenager and the frightening, rollercoaster ride it gives the heart of a mother. Loved it.
What a wonderful Squishy you have to come up with such a delightful story.
This is too fun! The mom is so real - at a loss for words just when she needs them. But the daughter got it anyway, even tho the mom felt like a failure. And Squishy is a hoot! Love it!
I love the interaction between this mom and daughter. Very nice writing!
HI - liked your story - certainly a concern that our children learning the truth about God. - I like that the mother's burden for prayer and later being able to share. Thank you
Perfect for the topic, and a super job telling this engaging story from the mother's point of view. My squishy was quite satisfied :D
Loved your entry! You grabbed my attention from the first sentence and held it to the last word.
Wow!! You captured the torturing fears of every Christian mother. "What if my kids turn from the truth?" You taught them well and they will realize the truth was always there. I think every teens asks these questions sometime along the way. Well written.
Wow...the conversations that await me! Very well done...great dialogue.
Very well done! Had me from beginning to end. Having raised four kids, I felt that Mama's heart! Blessings, Cheri
Wow! Totally kept my attention as I wanted to know what was next! :)
Delightful story with real dialogue. Great job.
Squish-squish-squish...'tis the sound of the revelation
of Jesus in a child's heart...and brain! MasterFULL tale.
This is precious. Love the interaction and dialog. Very well done.
I loved these lines:

"Stunned, I stood there like a statue disguised as a mom. Morgan, however, was jabbering faster than high speed internet."

Amazing what we learn from our children, huh?
This is truly masterful writing--well organized, creative, thought-provoking, with realistic dialogue and a wonderful message.
Your story is beautiful… I love the "squishy" aspect of it. :) What great thinking by the mother and daughter. Excellent work!!
CONGRATUATIONS ON YOUR EC!!!! I really enjoyed this story sooo much. The dialogue between mother and daughter was so real and authentic. This story entertained, but it also ministered. Bravo!
The dialogue in this piece seems so natural and loving. Congratulations on your EC, Laura!
Very authentic dialogue in this piece, and an EXCELLENT message. You are so gifted with being able to teach the Word in a way that is fun and thought provoking.

Sometimes I have to remind my squishy that God is there for me, even though I don't see Him or always feel His presence in certain situations.

Great read! Congratulations on the high placement! :)
Congratulations on your EC. This is really cute--I love squishy. Nice job with the topic.
Beautiful Laura, and the 'Squishy' tag for the brain certainly added a humorous aspect to the story. Good to see the perfect answer coming through as to how can we tell who is to be trusted, Jesus or Satan. A tree is known by its fruit, and what better evidence of the fruit of love than Jesus death on the cross for those who do not deserve it.
I was right inside this story with this mom. I've been in that exact place with my kids too. Wonderful way to show how the Spirit connected with Morgan's Squishy to show her the truth. I'm going to remember this one for a long time. Thanks, and congratulations on your EC win!
CONGRATULATIONS LauraLee on getting Highly Commended in the Highly Competitive Master Level. Well done.