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God bless your boldness and compassion!
Excellent article. I hope you publish this one in every possible place. The other day I heard a nurse during an interview, describe how she held a baby in her arms until he died—the victim (correct me if I have this wrong) of a "live birth abortion." She intercepted another nurse taking the child into a storage closet to let him die alone because she didn't have time to hold it for the 15 minutes it took before he died. You're right; God's judgment will fall our hypocrisy and evil.
Beautifully written, and powerfully persuasive. I am so grateful that there are people like you who have the courage and compassion to be proactive about what you believe.
Thank you for stepping out in your faith and writing this article! So eloquently written. The beginning pulled me in and the message kept me captivated. I smiled at the children, got goose bumps at the statistics, got teary from the truth, and ended angry enough to stand and fight with you. God Bless you!!! If this doesn't place, I'll.... well, I'll be very disappointed. ;)
Elegantly and persuasively presented. If I hadn't been in agreement before I read this, I'm sure I would be now. Great job presenting your point here. Excellent - Amen.
I'm not certain your statistics are valid in this essay. Where is the data that says 50% of church-going women are post-abortive? I think that is not accurate, although any aborted pregnancy is one too many.

The government statistics are nearly 50% of all pregnancies are unwanted/unplanned and of those, approximately 40% are aborted. So the incidence of all women who have had at least one abortion is closer to 20%.

To make a compelling argument for the sanctity of human life from conception, we Christians must be consistent in our personal actions(choose not to use hormonal contraception such as the birth control pill , ring or patch which also cause pregnancy loss), and compassionate to those who are unable to raise their own children (be willing to foster or adopt unwanted children).

This is our challenge.
Sorry, I forgot to make a footnote: Barna Research Group is responsible for the statistic. The comparative numbers to the general population probably don't make sense, unless you factor in the shame and overwhelming need for forgiveness that drives many post-abortive women to find a church.
This is a courageous message presented eloquently. I'm sure the number of abortions breaks the heart of God.

Francine Rivers novel THE ATONEMENT CHILD is a beautiful illustration of right choices. She wrote it with such emotion that I looked into her own background, and, sure enough, she'd had an abortion years ago, and even though forgiven, still suffered from the loss of her baby.
Very compelling and an unfortunate reality. A few members from our Church just began a pregancy center only a couple of blocks from a local high school. My wife has been very involved with the ministry and it has been wonderful to watch the hand of God at work in the midst of this heinous industry.
Well written, touching. While agreeing with your sentiment, I'm not sure I agree that it fits under the topic of "charade" - IMHO it fits more under the topic of "Moral Decay", which unfortunately is no charade.
Powerful and masterfully written. Thank you, Cheri
Very powerful entry. Having been the director of a pregnancy counseling center for 6 yrs, this entry spoke volumes to me--especially the part about burnout. Keep up the good fight, and nice job with the topic.
This is an example of a talented writer taking her gift and using it to stand up for a very important cause. Writing isn't always about fictional stories. Sometimes its about using words to stand up for what we believe in.

This article belongs in a magazine or pamphlet, because it is powerful and speaks very clearly to people about the need to fight for lives that are being taken away every day in the name of "choice."