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Very creative take on the topic. Good job of characterization with your MC--she seemed very real. Wasn't expecting the twist. Enjoyed the read.
ohhh... I loved this. The game felt almost real.. I wonder if anyone really does this?? Great ending.. even though I guessed it, it didn't take away from the creativity and the lesson... very well written...
Love the lesson. Well done.
I loved the ending. Wow! Very good work.
This was so different and so very good! I want to see you get another double win for this one and we'll throw a porch party you won't forget! Kudos, kiddo!
I enjoyed the intrigue, and it's delivered with a wonderful message. Excellent writing as always.
I think I've mentioned before that you have writing gifts in more than one genre. Your message is delivered perfectly, and your MC is so real I think I've met her. Excellent writing.
Interesting setting and plot, very creative!
Oh! This is so very good. I loved the character, the setting, the plot. This really kept my interest. The ending was powerful as well. Great job (again!).
Great lead in for the story. You portrayed well, a lost soul, not wanting to be found, but desperately needing--and wanting--to be found..."I'm hiding, you know."..."Well, you cannot hide from God..." Great conclusion....Helen
Great on many, many levels. This is one of my favs. Superbly great job. God bless.
Another winner here I say! Well done, now I have to go make millions so I can play Rich Hide and Seek. Sounds fun!
Great story here. You painted a perfect picture to show that 'having it all' doesn't really mean anything if you don't have Him. But it would be fun to hide with her on this international game of hide and seek! :)
It's not so much what you've written here, but what you say between the lines. The MC sleeps in ridiculously late and is extremely bored--sounds like despondency, apathy, or maybe even depression. She seems to possess a happy persona, but, yeah, she needs Christ. This character represents many. The ending seems more like a transition into a series. : )
I loved everything about this entry. You kept my interest from the first word to the last. Well done my friend.
Creative take, good plot, good ending ... overall a great read.