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Cute and clever - love the characterization of the boys, and especially the "walkie-talkie" talk between Mom and Dad. Great title, too.Delightful slice of life.
You must have sons! Lovely story.
Chuckling and wondering if this story, or any part of it, is true. This was an entertaining read.
Great fun, this one! You have 'boy banter' down perfectly.
I loved the story of these two mischievous boys and was glad to see the parents on the winning side.
So cool.. LOVED this story! The last line was classic!
Love the nostalgic feel of this, the tone of adventure, the awesome twist at the end.

The grammar of your first sentence bothers me just a tad; you might want to re-work it so it doesn't end with "...of my twin brother and I."

Other than that, a grin from beginning to end.
Not only was the story engaging and amusing, but the ending where the parents got their revenge using the same tools as the kids, was a riot.
What an entertaining and well-written story. I know how the twins felt when they couldn't eat a dinner they would have relished because they had overstuffed themselves with 'stolen' cookies. That was only the beginning of their pain.
And the moral is... never try to outsmart your parents. Loved the planning of the boys and their code names - especially rat-a-tat-Pat. Great job!
What a fun romp through boyhood.

Loved mama and papa bear.

ROFL! I liked this, the touch of spy and of course all that kid fun! I loved the walkie talkie handles! Cute! ^_^
Such a fun story! I was right there eating cookies with them...great job!
Bobwhite, Fat Pat, and Rat-a-ta Pat. I loved the names. I also loved the mom and dad using the walkie talkies at the end. This is the kind of fun piece that is a pleasure to read.