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I do not normally read poems, but this one really connected with me--it had a lovely rhythm and made me laugh in a few places. And I could not agree more about Mum's being tired at the end of the day.
I could just see all the things that Moms do and hear the words as though it were the voice of a child, especially a little boy. Your poem left me with a smile.
What a delightful, funny, insightful poem! I think you covered all the bases and every mom who's ever pulled her 3-year-old out of a mud puddle in his church clothes can vouch for it all. A wonderful poem and I hope it's placed at the very tip-top! You deserve it with this wonderful poem! Kudos!
Way cute! Perfect for Mother's Day! My mom who is slowly recovering from a difficult surgery really enjoyed my reading this to her.
This is awesome, it would be great framed for a young mom. Being a grandma, I remember those days and now watch my girls as they raise their precious babes. Good job!!!
Just sweet and lovely and fun. Great images and a delightful piece. You should get this published. :)
I loved this poem. Thank you.
I love the way this flows, fun to read. The humor is great, especially enjoyed the last paragraph.
This would be a great card--okay, a really, really long card, but a great card. I'd love to see this illustrated. You've captured motherhood very well.
This is precious, and I know there are many many mamas out there who deserve this tribute. Well done.
I LOVE the last line...that's my nightly prayer as I shut their bedroom door!
What a great composite picture of Mom! There's a lot of all of us in there! Well done.
Precious children's poem that practically begs for illustrations!
You nailed my life here-- and so many other moms I'm sure. This was my favoite:

They fill their purses with tissues and crackers
To wipe runny noses and feed little snackers

My purse is always full of those exact things!
"Some moms are skinny, they’re as thin as a rail
And some moms do not like to step on the scale"

I really liked those two lines. :)

This would make a great little poem to put on something to give to moms for Mother's Day.

I loved the rhythm and the humor in this. I appreciate you sharing it.
Whew! Just reading this made me tired! Well done..
Great poem. I have one little thing that struck. I think I know how you meant the line to be read, but truth be told, many mothers have to play the role of father too. But, this was really fine work.
Light and funny. Parts of this are just divine.

I'm still smiling. Thanks!
Oh this made me smile and giggle. I loved the second to last verse about the little snackers and how Mom's put things on their faces before they go out to nice places. Hilarious! and well done! ^_^
This is precious. I especially liked the last line, "hoping they would sleep most of the night" : )
How many times have I thought that very same thing. This really brigtened my day...thank-you!