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I just decided to read something early. Your title caught my eye, because its our hope and our promise. What a wonderful way to comfort a hurting child and get things in spirtual perspective. Today this story comforted me, and I'm a grandmother. Great idea and execution. Thanks!
Wonderful descriptions and characterization on BOTH characters. Love the dialog too - and that last line is precious. (I hope I get to hear the "another day" story)
It's so good to have a Grandma who can bring depth and wisdom to our lives when we're children! Your character's gentle ways and wise instruction are sweet and lovely.
How wonderful to have a granny who takes to time to explain the eternal to her grandkids. Well done.
Very sweet, and would be a good read-aloud for a young adopted child. My only red ink is that the little girl seems younger than 7...but it's been a long time since I had little ones, so I could be wrong. As far as characterization--you did a great job with both of your characters!
EXCELLENT CHARACTERIZATION AND DIALOGUE!!! You really nailed the image of the comforting, ideal grandmother. I could picture her rocking in the chair. This was so satisfying, like a warm cup of cocoa.

Red Ink? I'm not sure I have much to red ink. The only tiny suggestion I have is that I wish the granny had given her some practical advice to help the girl deal with and get along with her cousins. But this is great!
I absolutely loved this line: "She sat the child upright and put a withered palm to each side of her face, wiping her tears away with crooked thumbs."
Your descriptions paint the picture for me so well...and your character's were very believable to me.
I could hear Grammy and Julie talking. I could hear the kids outside playing. You've done a great job here Cat. What a wonderful grandmother!
Great story. I am glad Iam dopted, too.
What a precious story and so well-told. Bless those who are able to give lessons at just the right moment. Truly, it is a gift.
Oh, what a precious little girl! I loved the character of Julie! Especially her wise-and loving grandmother. That's so special-I really liked the details like the rocking chair and the silver chain on her reading glasses. It makes it special. Great writing! ^_^
I'm going to share this with a friend how has adopted a little one. Wonderful story. What a blessing.
The child in this story is precious and so is her grandmother. I loved how you took this story and used it to tell of God's love. The characters were superb and so was the dialogue.

I hope this one places high this week, because it is a gem.
Congrats, Cat, on placing 10th in your level and 16th overall. Awesome, girlfriend!