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Brilliant. I love the hesitancy of each line and the way it flows to the next stanza.
How wonderful! My favorite line: "they cannot see the grace within the disgrace..." Stunning. This flows like a gentle river, almost compelling the reader to keep going, keep going, the best part's coming...I love it!
Wonderful writing. I usually don't "get" poems like this--but I got this one. :) And I love it. Perfect for the topic.

This is my favorite part: "rule keepers outside,
rule breakers inside" Excellent description.
Wonderfully done - I could picture it so clearly. Very good.
Each word seclected and placed with a master's skill in this marvelous poem. I loved "shamble of their shame" and "grace within the disgrace," as well as many other wonderful phrases.
Oh, I love this story! You have done a great job of expanding the two small verses into a smorgasbord of sight and sound for me. I loved the lines Their untidy closet quakes in embarrassment as the door is flung open for all to see, a hidden mess,. Wonderful!
This is such a great story from the Bible and re-told beautifuly in this poetic form. I'm no poet, but I certainly enjoyed this and its message.
Lots of great lines and images. The message was right on as well. God bless.
I can see her, I can feel her pain... this is beautifully done.
Amazing. What I really like about this, is that it reads with such a masculane voice, yet told from such a tender heart. When read out loud, this gives me goosebumps. Very good.
ABSOLUTELY heart stopping, beautifully written, and a keeper for me... gives me hope once again... Dianne J.
Beautiful job. I truly admire poets!
This sent to to my Bible, thanks for including the verse!!!
So much went into this, you see behind the scenes of this buried story. Thank you and bless you for writing and sharing this insightful piece.
Perfect title as well.
This is really different here, the lines and way they flowed into each other and they were able to keep the story going. Very creative, and very descriptive! I like it! ^_^
Grace and truth are pictured hand in hand by the healing and attitude in the end. Thank you for bringing this lovely story to us.
Wow ... truly wow. I thoroughly savored this flow of exquisite words so exquisitely placed. I wish I could write like this.