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I love stories from this time period. I got a little confused about who was who at the beginning. Once I reread and got that straightened out, I enjoyed the story very much.
Great story. I want more!
I love how you packed so much in to so little space, and, of course, the happy ending, which I think I would call a gold lining. Your gentle injection of humor was masterful.
I, too, needed to reread, but I think that had more to do with digestion than writing.
The title was terrific!
Oh, I like this. I sense a lot of history here. I would like to know more. Very good read.
I enjoyed this beautiful love story with its double silver lining.
This was a very fun story to read. The dialogue was perfect. I was also a little confused at the beginning, with the different characters. But this is a very good story--I'd like to know more.
An enjoyable story. The beginning was confusing. Once I figured out who all the characters were, it was easier to read. I want to know more of the back story of these people.
Perfect title! I saw the proposal coming and was so glad it did. I like the part about the old goat. I would have liked it to have come from the widow though, but I'm crazy like that. Yes I think you must pursue this direction.
Ah, a true writer! I liked very much. Great heart and soul. Thanks for sharing.
I love this piece. You can write, girl!
Harriet let loose a whoop. “Call the preacher; she said yes!”
OK, LOVE that ending! Well done. :)
I LOVE your period pieces - do it, girl! You are wonderful at setting like this.
I love your story that took me on a journey from present to past, from unkindness to kindness, from sadness to happiness, from a funeral to a wedding. Wonderful writing. I'd like more of their story.
Period pieces are my favorite. Great story!
ROFL! That last line is hilarious, I love Harriet. What a character! The story held the somber hint but fit all right with everything else. I liked how he offered the kids candy and how he'd paid the man to keep Jess safe. That certainly said a lot for him. Great job. ^_^
Love it, love it, love it. Oh, and did I mention? I love it? Best part about it--Harriet, who takes it from being a very good little romance to being an EXCELLENT little romance.
This was SO incredible! I absolutely loved it, and romance is NOT my genre...
Ok, when are we going to get part two? That was just amazing. I'd really like to see more of these characters. Well done!
This one is going on my favorites list. One of my favorite entries this week. I loved the internal dialogue of Micah. It was a very warm and fun love story.

You did a wonderful job with this period piece. I would like to see more of them from you. :)
What a hopeless romantic you are, Patty dear! Great story.
Love you,
Amazing and beautiful! I love it too Peej! I was carried away with your words! Your title is soo good and a great play on words.
Peej, I'm so sorry I missed this one! Wonderful writing, and a great love story - joy from ashes. :)
I am so glad Jan used this is an example of characterization! It's what led me here and I LOVE this story. Please write more. This is wonderful. I love romances and period pieces and you did both of these masterfully. Bravo!
I got here late after being late to Jan's class and am so glad she used your wonderful story. I hope it's the beginning of a novel. I'd love to read more about these folks.
This is not only a beautiful story (it has me almost cheering aloud for Micah!), but a great lesson on characterization for a newbie like me! Thanks for the whole thing.