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Very good, indeed! And a very thought-provoking piece as well. Excellent!
Evocative and challenging. I like the progression from the written Word to the overflowing life.
Very poignant and beautifully image-rich. Love the progression and format.
My goodness, this is breath-taking.
surely I will leak
leak You
overflow with You
spill You
for nothing of me
could contain
all that flows

Just breath-taking.
You did a great job with this poem. The active, rather than passive voice; the concrete images you gave the abstract word; the form and the way it looks on paper! Top Notch!
Beautifully done...I love it.
Beautiful, and thought provoking. Such a magnitude of emotion and ideas in so few words. I loved it!
Beautiful and thought provoking. Almost haunting. I love it!!
Excellent--my favorite image is "leaking" God.
I ab-so-lute-ly LOVED this Cat! I loved the format, the images - just every word! And it doesn't help that you're sitting right behind me. ;)
Beautiful images and excellent word choices in this poem.
Beautiful. I love the leaking out of God from you. Very touching, well written poem.
I hardly dare to read the masters entries and am awed by this, you Cat, are a wonderful woman of God, please keep writing...
This beautiful poem is superbly done--a poem/prayer to be prayed each day.
Very power punched questions answered the only way it could be. Wow, this had to be inspired. I even enjoyed it more the second time through!
Superb! Cat, this is thought provoking. Simple and complex all at the same time. The final verse caps the whole lot off perfectly! So very well done!!
Neat! Pose the question and challenge to LIVE IT! Liked this presentation of the challenge.
Beautiful job, Cat.
This is so good. The images are amazing. It sounds on the boards like you don't write a lot of poetry but to read this---it reads like you do. Great job.
I like this format! It is so different and so good. I liked your first verse and especially the one with the caged lions. That painted a very vivid picture! Nice job. ^_^
For someone with little knowledge about poetry (that is what you said right?) you sure can write it. Great job, this was beautiful.
Excellent, dear Cat. Your line breaks, I think, are part of what makes this so poignant and strong - along with the circle of the beginning and end. Wow - glad you shared it!