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Wonderful imagery - I was swept away by your words. A lovely, sad, piece.
So many similes and metaphors! It was wonderful though. :)
Beautiful imagery. I felt as though I were tumbling with her.
Beautiful writingalmost lyrical.
How wonderfully you write poetic prose. My favorite paragraph is the second one--just beautiful. You illustrated the topic excellently with your sad story.
Love the beautiful but sad descriptive writing style.
I am in awe of your writing ability. Your descriptions are like that out of any best selling novel, and I was drawn in by them. This line melted my heart:
But her voice belied her heart, the way a mirror reflects an image one would rather ignore. Exposing the truth of a life lived in regret.

You painted a picture with words in this piece. I could clearly see the scene and the character. Wonderful.
Oh WOW! You did really well with this. Using the land, the ranch as her 'other suitor' I didn't see that end coming at all. I thought something was going to happen, but I couldn't put my finger on it. The descriptions, everything, was so rich! I loved this piece! A favorite of mine this week! ^_^
I love your descriptions in your first two paragraphs, kerchief/bib, lull of cow/lullaby, Cimarron River/wash tub), then your descriptions of Skylar (sun had faded her eyes to a soft denim, hair/burnished copper). I could see the land your described with its arroyos and rattlesnakes. Your picture of the land being a jealous suitor that demands and then is indifferent is amazing writing. Very powerful writingbut incredibly sad.
Well written, but so terribly sad.
No! No! It wasn't supposed to end that way.
Exquisite writing, nonetheless.
Masterful writing. This is no bomb. This is 'da bomb. (sorry)

You write phrases that roll around the brain and inspire the imagination:
"the dusty magic of wrangling"
"Her land, the jealous suitor, drank it in with indifference. "
I honestly, really enjoy your writing. Your voice is so relaxed and even paced it makes the reading experience fun and relaxing. I think you have a future in this. God bless.