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Wow - what a beautiful journey through forgiveness - you can feel the MCs struggle as she goes through each step with the help of the Holy Spirit - excellent writing.
This is awesome! I love the honesty revealing that everything isn't okay, but it can be eventually. And the sweet, hopeful presence of the Holy Spirit fanning the flame of forgiveness. Beautiful!
As a LOTR fan I understood your title and the actions of Golem. Your MC's lesson of forgiving (because of being forgiven herself) is very beautifully written. She put aside what today's society would tell her would be her rights in order to do what God would desire her to do. This is a good/relevant take on the topic.
Here's a convicting line -> "Have I never entertained thoughts that traveled from hell to be with me?" Hmmm. I'm going to have to remember that one. Wonderfully written piece on forgiveness.
What a depth of emotion! I could feel the contempt followed by her inner struggle and finally the hope that flickered with her choice. Beautiful writing.
A wonderful journey of forgiveness. Good work.
You have written a powerful story of forgiveness, the kind empowered by the Holy Spirit.
This was packed full of emotion. I loved seeing the thought patterns as they changed. Excellent. And I love the title!
Oh, my! This is powerful, powerful writing! "Have I never entertained thoughts that traveled from hell to be with me?" Wowsers.
Oooohhhh, this is so good. I love how you used Golem as a reference. Your descriptions are so vivid. Well done!
So much reassurance here of the Spirits constant presence, urging us to the right choices. Beautifully written.
"Unseen hands cup the flame, a shield from the mistral seeking my mental valley."
What a great line! This is an extremely well written example of the way of forgiveness. The struggle, the acknowledgement of sin in her own life and then finally love wins. Super!
I like the multi levels of the story, especially the leading of the Holy Spirit.
So much truth here. Enjoyed the lines about the Holy Spirit. Very skillful. THanks for the honest insights of a woman scorned, hope this wasn't you at some point...
I love how you use the italics in here! It really adds more to this piece and the struggle between your MC is so real! I liked the title and how it tied in-the ending though, the last three lines were the best and my favorite part! ^_^
Wow. Very intense. Excellent writing. and I love this word.. vagabondage
I was pronouncing Golem with a long o and completely missed the tie in to LOTR--now that I see my error I understand it more and like it even better! LoL
Astounding and wonderful and masterful. I love everything about this entry.
"Lord of the Rings" is one of my favorites and you did it justice with your allegory to Golem. For me, one of the most telling moments came from this comment "You made a choice. I forgive you for that choice. Understanding this, though difficult at times to accept, is or should I say, can be, so true.
I really liked the progression of the Holy Spirit intertwined with the woman's thoughts. Beautifully written.
I like the way you show how good memories are a part of hanging on for healing. This entry may or may not be fiction, but God's desire to restore wounded marriages is true. All that is needed are two humble and forgiving people, sometimes only one to start.