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This is hysterical. I love your play on words like he "didn't want to rock the boat," and all the humorous stereotypical phrases you put in your piece. My heart sank when he threw the ring in the water, but I got a big kick at the same time picturing his face saying "Miss-Not-My-Type!" And a big na-na-na-na-boo-boo to her! Or was it to himself? Too cute! :)
Great story, loved the fitting in all aspects of the story. You have described the characters so well that I could almost see them. There is a sad humor to the story that is very realistic. This was a wonderfully mastered piece that is right on topic. Great writing!
Yes, this is priceless. The woman was definitely not worth selling a MAC for! (Personally, I don't think anyone is.) Great job.
This is so cleverly written. I loved it, sad ending and all.
This is hilarious! I can't wait to find out who wrote this. Wonderfully written.
Boy, I'd love to dive in that lake! LoL.
This was great! Light-hearted yet still getting across the message. Love it!!
You packed a lot of fun in this. I loved the way you told it (starting at the Diver's Depot--which is a hilarious name--is there such a place? :) Great work on this.
Sooo cute! I loved this story. You did great characterizing your MC and the girl. And what an ending. Both thumbs up.
Just for a second I thought he was planning to take her diving and then leave her at the bottom. Phew! Glad I was wrong. How could he get it so wrong? She was a total ... I dunno, but she certainly wasn't nice.
One little thing, did you realise your MC had rose pedals instead of rose petals in the bottom of the boat? :)
Very good take on the topic though, very good.
Wonderful tale here, thanks for the slightly sad human tale here. Great writing.
Hahahaha. You made me laugh, like, dude (or is it dudette). If I were to judge this week, then this would be in my top 3 for sure, dude.
Hilarious! A very different voice for you, and I really, really got a kick out of it.

Note: Rose petals, not pedals.

Love the names you picked for your characters, and their outstanding personality development--done by showing us their actions. Perfect.
This is a winner in my book. I love how you drew the characters with the little details--especially Kinzy with her gum and magazine. My favorite part? When he gets angry and throws the ring and she tells him,"Gee, Eugene, you probably couldve returned that and gotten your money back." I could just see it.
This was such a cute story and very appropriate. Great writing.
Very funny. Your character development was spot on, and the dialogue was perfect. Great, fun example of the topic.
Absolutely wonderful! You painted vivid pictures of your characters and their backdrops, and wrote a highly entertaining tale.
I am new to FW and was reading through some of the Beginner's entries and I couldn't get into them. I was bored with most of them in the first few lines. I decided to check out a few levels up. I read yours first. Loved it. I was immediately drawn in by your descriptive words. I loved the humor. I learned three important things - #1 - your first paragraph counts tons to draw the reader in - #2 Dialogue is good - Many beginners totally shy away from this (personally speaking) and #3 You just can't beat humor
Thanks for the laugh! I gleaned much knowledge from this writing.
Great opening, very amusing, right on topic, and the ending is priceless. Well done.
I loved this. Very amusing.
Wow! Now that I know it's yours, I'm even more impressed at how easily you swam out of chick-lit to this.
Love the dialogue and humor, it made this a delight to read. Unique take on topic.
LOL! This was too cute! I liked the names and especially the "Miss-You're-Not-My-Type! That was too funny. You had me giggling through the whole thing, especially when I got to the 'iphone' part. Good said this was a true story? ^_^
Too funny!He must've really liked her! My husband would have to have nothing else to sell before he would give up his Mac for ANYTHING! (giggle)
Great job with the characterations, apt and fun all three of them. I sorta figured out where this was going, but enjoyed the journey getting there.
hehe - clever and cute. What fun - great characterization and description. LOVE it, Kristen!
A Beauty and the Geek type story. I love it! Kind of hits close to home, but it was hilarious!

"Hed spent his life savings and pawned his Mac, iPod, and Gamecube to buy the ring"

Wow. I don't think I've ever gone to that extreme to show a girl that I liked her. The pawning of the Mac was a bit much.

I thought that he was going to end up falling out of the boat or something, and then nearly die, because he didn't know how to swim. You surprised me.

This one gets added to my favorites list. :)
What fun! No wonder the poor guy wants to scuba dive! Maybe it's just me but I kind of want to see the poor geek get a real woman! Maybe you could write a sequel? Cute story.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
CONGRATS my friend!!!!
I've never had much of a desire to scuba dive...until now! Where was this lake again? :) Great story!
***Congratulations!*** (So glad this did well!) ^_^
Congratulations on your EC, Kristen. I'm so glad to see this one place--it's great.
Kristen... you did it again! congrats! Where on earth do you come up with these stories?? And to think you have young ones at home and still can do this.. you are GOOD girl... congrats .. and praises to the gift God has given you... DJ
Congratulations ... again! I am pleased the way you did something new and a good job of it too! Way good,dudette!
Kristin, I saw your name in the winner's circle and had to check out your entry. LOL. I LOVED it! Great job, as always. Congrats!