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This is beautiful, and flawlessly crafted.
I loved the contrast you present in this, and it's easy to tell that you spent a lot of time with the syllable count.
POWERFUL! You capture the essense of Christ! Thank you for blessing me in a big way!!
I love the last stanza best for the beauty of the words, as well as for the hope offered.
The contrast in the voices is excellent and it communicates the struggle within us so well.
A multi-layered gem here. A very well executed and written poem. God bless.
Lovely and poignant. I was especially moved by the second to last stanza. Wonderful, Sharlyn.
Very well thought out and creative. I enjoyed reading this. Kudos.
This is really beautiful. I think a lot of people could relate to this & be very much encouraged by it. Thank you for creating this.
This is both beautiful and encouraging. Well done!
The words in your poetry are always so beautiful. Well done!
I'm not usually a poetry person, but this is superb. I loved the line "Ill salve you with my presence and with songs." and Zephaniah 3:17 immediately sprang to mind.
Superb Sharyln.

This skillfully crafted poem ministered and refreshed my heart this morning. Anointed.
Absolutely stunning, gorgeous, wonderful. I loved it!
Wonderfully crafted and full of emotion and truth. I particularly like the verse you chose to polish this lovely poem with at the end.
I love your contrast between what the hearts says and what the spirit says. The verse quoted at the end ties it all together. What creative and beautiful writing!
Wonderful reading here, great pace and such a message, you delved deep into scripture for this. THANKS!
This is truly a favorite of mine this week. It is beautiful. I love the contrast between the Heart and Spirit and the way it was just like a conversation. Beautiful, wonderful writing! ^_^