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I loved this POV from the servant's perspective. Very authentic, right down to her dumping the water out the window! You captured the scene and revealed it in details for us to see and feel. Excellent.
You captured so much with this short story, especially managing to capture silence--so hard to do when writing. Lovely work!
This story is so realistic as seen through the eyes of the servant. I loved it.
The servant girl's POV adds so much to this and lets us see more of the event. All the tiny details add to the feel, not just build a setting. Great job.
What a great job bringing another piece of Biblical history to life! Bravo!
Very very good! I just studied this passage for my Sunday school class (that was cancelled due to weather!). I love the character development and the POV. The ending seemed a little abrupt; but alas, the word count! Your writing is seamless, and brings this story to life.
This was very engaging. I think the ending you chose is my favorite. It is one of my fav verses in the Bible, and it concluded the piece perfectly.
You've done it again, Missy Joanne. You have the ability to put the reader right in the heart of the scene. This was very well done.
I like the way you make familiar stories seem new again, by looking at them from a different angle.
Well done!
I was looking forward to another Bible story from you and was not disappointed. So loved the thoughts of Rikva. I like getting to know the lesser characters, through you.
Very good job, Jo-anne. The pace was slow and deliberate, building up to the ending. Excellent writing and description and characters. God bless.
I always loved this story and it was retold from a different perspective and creatively by this wonderful author!
( Joanne!)
Keep on the these and where's that book?
Loved this! You may know I try my hand at Bible stories often, but none can compare to the way you give us new and fresh perspectives.
Captivating writing. Very good.
Another excellent story based on the Bible. I love the way you tell these stories my friend. Great Job!
Another story brought to life with a whole new spin! LOVE IT!
I love the way you capture a moment in time, in an economy of words, but with such richness!
I really like how you brought this story to life, and the servant girl's reaction to it all. Well done.
Here's a woman who missed the point entirely. Nice job, Joanne, as usual.
Love the way you draw your reader into Bible stories. You feel the characters to be "real" people while reminding us of the bibical message. Fantastic!
Oh, my! In my initial "brainstorming" for this topic I had thought of Michal / David. I am so glad I didn't choose it. I could not have come close to this wonderful piece. Once again, you have brought a Bible story alive!
I loved reading this story through Rivka's eyes. What a beautiful character you've created with her. You've brought this Bible story to life for us. This is so expertly and beautfully crafted!
Absolutely wonderful job bringing this biblical account to life. Loved the POV. Masterfully written. Great job.
Wow, to see this glimpse of life from one verse! I applaud your eyes to see into the story there. You made this come alive and more real, seeing it from this POV, it was a different twist. I liked it. Great writing ^_^
Lovely rendition of one of the most tragic stories in the Bible.
I can see why you have received so many comments. Besides being a sweet soul you can deliver a message like a true master. Very inspirational.
Yes, Joanne, I can see you making a longer (and wonderful) novel out of this!
Great story...Amen.