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Very, very good.
I like this -- the rebellious teenager in doggy form. Very good "dog" dialogue. Nice job with the topic.
I have run with the weasels and I'm still healing. Great job!
Fantastic characterization and a great tie-in with the topic and scripture.
Excellent! The characterizations were superb and the lesson shone through brilliantly. I loved it!!
Oh, what a great way to illustrate this topic! I am a "doggy person" so really appreciated this story!
Oh, excellent! I'm not normally a huge fan of anthropomorphized animals--but this one is such a beautifully written allegory that I found myself nodding and grinning as I read.
Creative spin on the topic. This was entertaining and well written. Thumbs up.
I enjoyed this very much. It almost reminded me of a Hank the Cowdog book. Great job.
Your barnyard tale is wonderful, expertly woven, and a perfect illustration of the verse. It's perfect for this topic. Great writing!
I hope the pup makes it, and learns his lesson. "Friends" turning on us is a painful lesson indeed.
The weasels are good choices as the slinky, sneaky animal "bad" guys. The rebellious pup is a good analogy, too. Love the voices of all the characters in this story.
This took me all the way back to my college days. Remember George Orwell's "Animal Farm"? You've done a masterful and creative job by using this allegorical technique.
Another WOW! This is good! I liked how you didn't use people for this piece, but collies. This made it more interesting and I got into the story, siding with Mona and hoping in the end that it wasn't Max that the Farmer shot. Great suspense and characters. Loved it all the way through! ^_^
I loved this the first time I read it .. .and not just because of the name! ;-) I'm glad I got a chance to come back in and comment. VERY WELL DONE!
Congratulations on your EC Sharlyn. I'm glad to see this one place -- it's one of my favorites.
Congrats on EC. Truly masterful tale (tail?) of one whose life is affected by a poor choice of companions.
Way to Go! congratualtions for a fine story!
Super job. Congrats, Sharlyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats on your win! Well deserved.. wonderful story and masterfully done.. Happy for you... !! Dianne J.
Very, very well done, Sharlyn! Congratulations. A wonderfully done allegory.
Sharlyn--Congrats on your level placing and your EC!
Sharlyn, what an excellent allegory... seems to me a compilation of stories like this from you would make a great book for our times! So many elements... undying maternal love, parental wisdom, wandering son, steadfast Father, free will, consequences of choosing friends, and sin givin birth to death.
margaret G.