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One of the writers of a previous story wrote that "if you can read, you can cook." I guess not! Good story.
Boy, I can relate. We want to help our kids, even when they need to learn on their own. This was very entertaining. Thumbs up.
Love the texting, her prayer, and especially the ending paragraph. Great story.
I enjoyed this fun read, and especially liked the resolution.
"Mom Trust me" -- this must be the teen/young adult motto ... or else you've been listening to my conversations with MY son. Great capture of the 'boy in love'. Wonderful story for this topic.
I love the subtle touch of including the mother practicing her scales...just one more little illustration of the topic. Nice touch!
This was simply delightful to read. I found it so funny that I am still giggling as I am writing this. Man, I wish I could write like this!!
Loved the text messages! Justin actually sounds a lot like myself in some ways. Brilliant.
Yes, we both wrote cooking stories. Since Justin isn't married, he could not use my MC's trick. He he.

Anyway, this is precious! I loved the text messages. Too funny. I'd have had the same questions. (ok--maybe I am a little like my MC.) The ending was perfect!

Two thumbs up.
This was so realistic!! I'm just surprise that he didn't give up and leave it to Momma to make the angel food cake.
Very cute story. The urgent text-messaging routine made me laugh. Your story telling is engaging.
ROFL! I am laughing out loud here, that was just too funny! I was with the mom, seeing what would happen and knowing that the kitchen would end up in a mess! LOL. The ending was too funny, I'm glad he had a desert after all though! ^_^
I let out a laugh at the end. The picture in my head was funny. You did such a great job of painting this horrific lesson. I'm really proud of Mom for letting him learn it the hard way, too. I hope she made him clean the kitchen. ;0
Love the humor, the mental images ( a teen boy-baking?!), and the characters. Great lesson learned, too. A wonderfully funny story.
I love this. What a great mom and son. Fun story and you really brought out the relationship between the two in a loving way. I'll bet they'll be laughing as they clean up the kitchen.