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Interesting take on the topic. I like your writing style as well... with no easy spoon fed answers. Maybe you could do a sequel - Being Content on Aisle 15? Blessings
Very thought-provoking. Like your MC's voice.
Huh...really makes you think here. The second to last line was really good. My only note a typo-enrol...Enroll. Otherwise, good! ^_^
Much to stick here. Realistic voice.
I love your MC's voice! Great writing! It just makes me want to slap Prince Charles! LOL I want to cheer the MC on, to tell her to go for it! Great ending!
You make an interesting point. Sometimes there is a fine line between over-reaching and under-reaching.
Great open-ended conclusion, and I really, really like your narrator's voice. This is really good.
My first reaction? Prince Charles says WHAT?! Then I kept reading to see what you did with this. Kind of neat the way you explored the topic but didn't commit one way or the other. Original. I also would love to find out what the MC does.
Great title! Excellent description of the job. I really like your ending. You've written "life" questions that a lot of us ponder. Thanks!