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Hmm, wow. I picked this piece for the title and was surprised at how 'right' Beth was. The contrast between what they were expecting and what really happened is really too true with what happens today. The last line held the bit of humor with Beth's little display of 'victory'. Nice job.
Good reminder of how important it is to listen to God's gentle promptings. So many churches get so heavily into debt when they really don't need to.
What a wonderfully humble man (in the end, anyway!), and a wonderfully submissive wife. Gotta admit, though, that last line is my favorite. Good stuff.
That last line just cracked me up! Thanks for this little bit of humor in a mostly very serious week!
Beth is a better person than me. I probably would have said I told you so. The writing was excellent. This was a good read.
I enjoyed this too-often-true story. Well-written and descriptive, it flowed from beginning to end.
I said, "too-often-true story," which is different than "too true!"

I hesitated to put this comment in, after reading other comments, and then decided to go for it anyway.

I was just a tad disappointed in the wife's gesture of victory. Although it made her very human and real, it seemed a little at odds with the character presented earlier. Just a thought.

But, I loved the story!