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Much to ponder in this piece - great descriptions. Such a difficult choice.
You have posed some intriguing questions here. Microsoft Encarta says that Like all Montanists, Tertullian held that Christians should welcome persecution, not flee from it. Should that be what we recommend? I dont know. I think its good that your piece makes us think.
This was an interesting piece. I hope we, in the U.S., never have to make these kinds of choices. Thank you for sharing!
Interesting and thought provoking. Hmmm.
What a griping piece!

I wish I knew more about this--is the setting real, or a composite sort of country? Is this now, or in the not-too-distant future? I really should know more about these things! Thank you for bringing them to my attention; I'm far too comfortable.
Wow, this was awesome. Reminds me of the concerns regarding church in the country my daughter was born in.
I, too, wondered if this is Cuba's actual situation. Wonderfully written and definitely an eye-opening story. Surely we're living in the last days. Thankyou.