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You did a great job of making your MC real and showing what true mercy is--a very interesting story.
Not only "turn the other cheek" but forgiveness and an act of mercylots of good stuff here. Nicely done.
Great portrait of gifts, and an even better portrayal of a long lost virtue in your MC. I won't say what that one is.
Great rhythm throughout, especially in the last sentence.
You've captured experience and internal dialogue in characters in a unique way.
A beautiful demonstration of the gift of mercy.
This touched a tender chord with me. Well done.
Loved this. The reality of sin in a girl's heart with her peers, is just so believable, relateable and true to life. Loved how Rachel was able to turn her other cheek, forgive and ask for mercy. This touched me and made me remember times I acted like the MC way back in the day. Good writing...
I have heard it said that grace is the distinguishing factor of Christianity that which sets it apart from other religions. And what is grace but to cover a multitude of sins? Beautiful, incredible writing with insight into human nature and its cure. Loved this!
You captured the scourge of teenage hostility and the gift of mercy perfectly. Very well done.
Your story is believable and your character authentic. What a wonderful illustration of the gift of mercy...I would never have thought of a situation so everyday and ongoing, yet it's perfect.
Teens can be so mean. I'm glad your MC has compassion. I like her, too.
Great message.
Love this coming from the other side. The high school girl dialogue is spot on, and the characterizations are wonderfully accurate, too.
Great writing once again. You out do yourself each week. God bless.
This is great. The voice of Lisa is so real. I think she's in my daughter's class (and her friend Shana). What a remarkable gift of mercy Rachel has. This story touched me. I love every word. Very well written. Great job!
Poor Rachel:( You resurrected the girl only to get tormented. She is a very good example of how to forgive and turn the other cheek and all those things I'm so bad about:)
Wow--you really captured those girls. I was holding my breath at the end. Great example! Hugs!
This is in a dead heat with "Glad She's Crazy" for my favorite in Masters this week. Both exemplify what I admire, but fear I might not do if faced with a similar situation.
I love all the unique sensory details, especially NutriSweet smile. Your POV is excellent. You've allowed the reader to access Lisa's thoughts and senses. I loved the message, too. Great story!
Excellently vivid descriptions and characterization. Such a lesson for all of us in this story.
Wow, what a creative approach to the topic. The characters are so realistic, and your descriptions make it easy to be right in the middle of the story. Your writing is sheer pleasure to read.
Rachel walks her talk... she's secure in her relationship with Christ, making it easy for Him to flow through her. The story is definitely not over :)
The situation is a perfect example of what goes on in some classrooms. The characters are realistic and great message shown from the MC's reaction.
Hmmm, I think this is a new favorite of yours for me. I wish I'd known a little more about Rachel though, she seems just a tad bit too good to be true, but the ending was good with "Not Today". Very realistic intereaction between characters.
I really like how you wrote this. Very discriptive, engaging, and believable. I liked it alot. Well done!
Beautifully and masterfully done! Having been a teacher, I know first-hand the kind of peer pressure you describe. While Rachel may seem to be a bit too good to be true, there are those Christian students out there who have opted to remain in the public schools rather than attend private Christian schools just so there would be a witness among those teens who don't know Christ. These are the brave students, the Rachels, who deserve all the support they can get because some indeed do "suffer greatly for righteousness sake." A well-deserved win. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your EC. Again, very much deserved. You really know how to make your characters come alive.
Congrats on your EC placing. And please, don't ever stop entering the WC - I always look for your article every week. You are such an inspiration to me. I found this story a wonderful take on the topic, focusing on the gift of mercy in a realistic setting.
Fabulous! I was inside your MC's head, and I didn't like it much. A wonderful example of mercy, and the change it can bring to the person on the receiving end. Congrats on your Well Deserved EC! :) Love, Cat
Loved the story. Well done on your success.
Great writing with wonderful, vivid descriptions. You truly have a God given talent!
Excellent writing, as always---so realistic! This has to be written by a teacher. Congratulations on a well-deserved win!