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Now this would really be a "survivor" show worth watching! Clever idea and well written.
great dialogue--especially the last line--creative idea, too, and a fun read
Awesome! Enjoyed this tremendously and can think how something like this could be used by a youth group -- wouldn't that be a neat way to get teens involved in evangelism? Very well written; the conversation was easy to follow and very natural. Great work! :)
Oh, my son LOVES survivor man. He watches it with my dad whenever he spends the night at their house. Great, clearver, creative idea.

The beginning was my favorite. The description of the woman being a little put off by the strange man was perfect. It really drew me it. The dialouge was perfect.

I thought he won the woman over a litle suddenly, but the story still works (word limit). Like I said, very creative idea. Bravo.
Oh yes, I'm watchin' THAT show. I love the twist at the end with the hidden camera. This was so much fun! Well done.
Love the creativitiy and the contemporary nature of this piece! And as many have already stated, your ending was great!
I'm a huge fan of reality shows--this one would be a hoot! Fun writing.
Wow! I'm like Maggie...not very tuned in but I still got the story. LoL. Great job with this! Super idea! :-)
Love the phone call to the daughter! Can you imagine what SHE was thinking after her mother hung up? Wonderfully creative story. Just tops and a fun way to "evangelize".
Loved it . . . every inch of the park bench, conversation, props. As always, your entries are sheer delight! Blessings~
Characters make a story in my book, and you always create (or "find") the best. Your delightful ending took me completely by surprise. I did not see that coming. Thank you for another wonderfully entertaining read, friend!
Your characters are standout convincing - they walk right off the page. And yes, in my view too characterization is one of the most important elements of good fiction. Its what I look for first! Wonderful!!