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That twist took ME by surprise. An excellent sense of place and emotion. Just incredible.
Well done fiction with enough of "it might have happened this way" to make it possible. Nice job.
This story I liked. Very symbolic of what baptism is. ENjoyed the dialogue as well. God bless.
I was fascinated while reading this piece. Then the twist took me by surprise. Memorable story.
You created very well a believable story, based on characterization and situations from the Bible.
All I can say is this is an amazing story. Wow!
Chilling. This is wonderfully written and a wonderful story. Great job!
Beautiful story--I should have seen the healing coming, but I didn't.

An important edit--the water should be "waist" deep, unless they were being baptized in a sewer (ick).

I loved how every word and action were exactly true to the era--too many people have anachronisms when they write historical fiction. This is masterfully done.
Powerful piece, and wonderfully told. I love the ending.
Nice story! I enjoyed it! I suspected a miracle was coming and was tickled to find it did occur! Great!
This is really good. You had me interested in reading from the very beginning. Completely surprised by the ending. Very creative job with this topic.
Wow! I can see why you made it to Masters.
Yes, I did like your MC, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Why did Paul ask generally if there was a Celt in the house? Did he have a word of knowledge himself?
Hi Dave,
The line, "Is there a Celt amongst us?" is a joke that I've heard used when there is a unique person present who is the only one who can respond to the question. The two people, the one asking the question and the one answering it, would normally be good friends.
Regards, Peter